“Grey winter hath gone, like a wearisome guest, and behold, for repayment, September comes in with the wind of the West and Spring in her raiment!”

The poet, Henry Kendall, lived on the Central Coast and his works are obligatory for people like myself who attended Gosford’s Henry Kendall High School.  Kendall’s poem “September in Australia” is well known as it highlights this time of the year as crystal, translucent skies and bright breezy days dominate the Spring weather patterns.

The beginning of September always seems to mark a turning point for me.  The cool days of Winter fade as blustery westerly winds dry the vegetation.  Ominous threats loom as the bushfire season nears and the birds become busy nesting.  Here Magpies prepare to protect their kin.

For many anxious students, the Higher School Certificate appears above the horizon and university students begin to think about final assessments.  Sporting fans become even more passionate as the NRL and AFL finals approach while the prospect of an enthralling Ashes series rouses us cricket fans.

Moreover, September begins to turn our eyes towards Christmas and the New Year!

September marks the beginning of the busy end of the year.  Historically, Sunday worship attendances in West Epping drop during this period as people have many other things on.

Life can become so busy, sometimes even crazy.  Today there is Father’s Day, next week it may be your child’s or grandchild’s grand final.  Then there is the Epping Street Fair, the October long weekend, the Granny Smith Festival, school speech days and then there are those end of year dinners, not to mention all the preparation that goes into Christmas itself.

As the westerly winds nudge our awareness and, perhaps, even unnerve us, remember God is the one who gifts us with everything we have.  God is the one who enables us in everything we experience.  God is the one who offers us everything we enjoy.

So as we enter September and what lies beyond, continue to make time for God in your busy lives.  Don’t let the crazy end of the year distract you or overwhelm you.

For God has, and God deserves, a place in your lives – every day!