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Tammy’s Weekly Reflections

Holy Week 2020

by Tammy Hollands

During holy week there are additional opportunities for worship online. These can be accessed at the following locaitons Youtube Live at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNf7ULm92n4lwV43xXykEWA Zoom By telephone You can find more instructions on how to access these services on the worship us page – BUT note that the meeting ID and links may be different. Palm Sunday […]

Resources for Palm Sunday 2020

by Tammy Hollands

The things that you will need for Sunday 5th April service. With the exception of the first three items everything in this list can be found in the “Bag” that was distributed. A full list of the bag’s contents can be fund here. coloured pencils or textas ect A permanent marker such as a sharpie […]

Lent 2: John 3:1-17

by West Epping UCA

You may have heard the story of Cornelia Arnolda Johanna “Corrie” ten Boom.  Corrie was a Dutch watchmaker and later a writer who worked with her father, Casper ten Boom, her sister Betsie ten Boom and other family members to help many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II.  The family were devote […]

Lent 1: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7

by West Epping UCA

In the Disney version on Pinocchio there is a scene in which Jiminy Cricket teaches Pinocchio about temptation.  Jiminy says to Pinocchio “the world is full of temptations” “Temptations?” Pinocchio replies “Yep, they are the wrong things that seem right at the time” The Genesis story is a story about temptation.  “So when the woman […]

Transfiguration: Matthew 17:1-9

by West Epping UCA

Transfiguration is the change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.  There are many different children’s stories that feature the transfiguration of a Character.  One example is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.  In the Disney version, the story start by telling the story of a selfish and unkind prince […]

Epiphany 6A ~ Deuteronomy 30:15-20

by West Epping UCA

Choices, Choices! How are you when it comes to making decisions?  Do you like to make decisions quickly and get on with the decision?  Do you prefer to gather all the information and make as informed decision?  Do you wait as long as possible and make a decision only when you have to?  Do you […]

Epiphany 5A ~ 1 Corinthians 2:1-16

by West Epping UCA

I have always had a very inquisitive mind.  I was one of those toddlers that always asked “Why?  Why?  Why?  Why? Why?” “But why?” So it was probably not a great surprise that I went into science where discovery and an understanding of how the world works could be further explored.  My favourite field within […]

Epiphany 4A ~ Micah 6:1-8

by West Epping UCA

I thought I would share a little bit more about me and my background.  Before going into Ordained Ministry I was a High School Science teacher.  I still have a great love for teaching and learning and believe that learning should be lifelong as we never know it all and more understanding can enrich us […]

1 Corinthians 1:10-18

by West Epping UCA

Unity “Will you please stop bickering!” “Can you try getting on and being nice to each other!” These sentences have passed my lips more than a few times and especially in the past couple of weeks as the kids have been on school holidays and have been stuck with each other for company.  So I […]