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Hope in the midst of grief! (written by Jan Williams)

by West Epping UCA

Hope in the midst of grief and family upheaval ! For several years, the Care and Concern Ministry Team at West Epping Uniting Church have invited speakers to evening forums to discuss a range of issues. Recently our church hosted Nic Newling to discuss mental health and suicide intervention. Nic Newling featured on “Australian Story” in […]

Drama – Jesus cleansing the temple

by Kumi Abeysuriya

This drama highlights Jesus’ call for ‘radical’ discipleship and action for creating change towards a more just society.     Reader Matthew 21:12-15   Jesus went into the temple complex and drove out all those buying and selling in the temple. He overturned the money changers’ tables and the chairs of those selling doves.   […]

Waiting On God Together : by Claire Wright

by West Epping UCA

Tomorrow is the first day of December.  Where does the time go?  Almost the end of another year… Well, in some ways it is – and in some ways it isn’t.  Because the Church year runs on a different timetable to the calendar year.  The Church year starts – not a week after Christmas, but […]

An everyday prayer

by Heather Petrie

God, Today has been one more day in our everyday lives. We have worked, we have played, we have cleaned, we have cooked, we have eaten, we have talked, we have slept, we have laughed , we have cried, we have succeeded, we have failed, we have been happy, we have been sad, we have […]

NCYC 2014

by Phil Chapple

I was blessed to take part in the recent National Christian Youth Convention. NCYC is normally held somewhere around Australia every 2 years. On this occasion, it was in our own Presbytery – at the Centre for Ministry and Tara School in North Parramatta. It was an exciting event with about 950 people attending, including […]