by John Barr

“Dia de los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” is a huge celebration in Mexico. Celebrated last Thursday, this day honours those who have died. “Day of the Dead” is derived from pre-Hispanic times and it was effectively Christianised by the Roman Catholic Church. The day includes all kinds of festivities including vibrant processions, rowdy […]


by John Barr

A PRAYER TO COMMEMORATE THE CENTENARY OF THE ARMISTICE L: Remember, Lord, those whose stories were unspoken and untold. L: Jesus, remember them when you come into your kingdom. L: Remember, Lord, those whose minds were darkened and disturbed by memories of war. R: Jesus, remember them when you come into your kingdom. L: Remember, […]

Church Notices

by West Epping UCA

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by John Barr

Do you know there are only 65 days left to Christmas? One thing is for sure, our retailers won’t be letting us forget. Big W is said to have started displaying Christmas decorations on their shelves more than a month ago. Meanwhile reports from the UK claim Christmas cards, wrapping paper and mince pies have […]

Going Deep

by Radhika Sukumar-White

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, I undertook a course at the United Theological College entitled Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry. Effectively, it was a three-day course on the basics of how to lead a congregation through change. It is actually part 1 of a three-part process to become an accredited Intentional Interim Minister, […]

Silent Evangelism

by Radhika Sukumar-White

Evangelism can come in many different forms. There’s a tendency to assume evangelism is ultimately about words that we say. But whilst words can be very important, we shouldn’t forget about other forms or models of evangelism – for example, the evangelism of presence. As part of my ministerial formation, I spent 6 months working […]


by Radhika Sukumar-White

Throughout history, the method by which the church responded to Jesus’ Great Commission has been propelled by technology. For Paul, it was the Roman road system. For the Reformation, it was the printing press. And for us today, it is the power of the Internet literally in the palm of the hand of almost every […]


by John Barr

Did you know that the magpie is Australia’s favourite bird? Known to many as a familiar friend, that doting black and white songbird can become a bit of a nightmare during the breeding season. Pedestrians and cyclists, alike, can be subject to terrifying aerial assaults as magpies seek to protect their young. But it’s a […]

Sovereign Peoples

by Radhika Sukumar-White

Among many heavy decisions that were made at last week’s Assembly meeting in Melbourne, one was the following: That the Assembly resolve: to affirm that the First Peoples of Australia, the Aboriginal and Islander Peoples, are sovereign peoples in this land. Not many words there, but big implications for us. What does this statement mean? […]


by John Barr

Sadly, our Federal Parliament reached a shocking new low recently as manifestations of sexism, bullying and harassment came to the fore. During a debate in the Upper House on making pepper spray and tasers available to women, sexual slurs from an independent Senator from NSW again raised serious questions about male attitudes and behaviours towards […]