Who are WE?

We are a people sent to share the love, hope and compassion of Jesus Christ with all the world.

Through our fellowships, small groups, and various ministries and activities we at West Epping Uniting Church aim to connect with our neighbours across the street and around the world.

From youth events to serving the homeless in a men’s shelter, from supporting women in crisis to organising activity days for children, or visiting the isolated in our community and offering care to the bereaved, we try to bring Christ to all with whom we come in contact.

As a community we seek to be:
  • Christ centred
  • Generous, welcoming and hospitable
  • Faithful and inclusive
  • Compassionate and respectful towards all people
  • Willing to step out in faith, meet challenges and seize opportunities
  • Uniting, connecting and collaborative in mission
  • Open minded, open hearted and fun loving
  • Taking our call to God’s Mission seriously

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

We are a people sent to share the love, hope and compassion of Jesus Christ with all the world.

Our Vision

To be passionate followers of Jesus Christ in the community and the world.

Our Values

  • Christ-centred
  • Stepping out in faith, meeting the challenges and seizing the opportunities of the day
  • Uniting, connecting, collaborating in mission
  • Generous
  • Faithful
  • Compassionate
  • Open-minded, open-hearted and fun-loving
  • Taking our call to God’s Mission seriously
With God’s help we will:
  • Own the mission, vision and values as a congregation
  • Live up to our potential and God-given responsibility
  • Reach out into the local community, beyond the church doors
  • Grow the number of people in the congregation engaged in our mission
  • Increase the number of paid and unpaid staff
  • Excel in faithfulness
  • Become resourced and positioned to realise our vision
  • Communicate effectively
  • Remain true to the heart of the Uniting Church
Our Goals are to:
  • Become a centre of excellence in integrated worship and faith formation
  • Become a community that cares for all people and helps connect people to God and each other
  • Be trusted as a leader in the wider community and the wider church
  • Be resourced and positioned to meet our mission