In 1977, three Australian churches came together as one. The Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches have been the Uniting Church in Australia ever since.

We are the people of God on the Way, a diverse group of many cultures and understandings of faith that will bring us into deeper unity with others.

Former UCA President, Stuart McMillan:
The rich cultural diversity of the Uniting Church today, for which I give thanks to God, is God’s gift to us. The Spirit of God is transforming our Church into the fullness of a fellowship of reconciliation.
Speaking of reconciliation, our covenantal journey with First Peoples has been profoundly important, a witness to the shared love of God amongst us. The Statement from the Heart produced by the Uluru Constitutional …, calls our nation to a maturity which recognises First Peoples sovereignty and gives them a voice.
Christ’s rule and renewal in our Church will see us move beyond the recognition of First Peoples in our Constitution to fully enable their sovereignty to be honoured through changed practices of our Church and just actions we will take to ensure that our destiny together is strengthened and justice is done.

Our Vision, Mission and Values
As a people journeying together we affirm our calling under God:

  • to preach Christ the crucified and risen one and confess him as Lord;
  • to bear witness to the unity of faith and life in Christ, rising above cultural, economic, national and racial boundaries;
  •  to engage in fearless prophetic ministry in relation to social evils which deny God’s active will for justice and peace;
  •  to act with God alongside the oppressed, the hurt and the poor;
  •  to accept responsibility for the wise use and conservation of the finite resources of this earth for the benefit of all;
  •  to live a creative, adventurous life of faith, characterised by openness, flexibility, hope and joy (based on a statement from the inaugural worship service of the Uniting Church in Australia, June 1977).

Our Vision
To be a fellowship of reconciliation, living God’s love and acting for the common good to build a just and compassionate community.

Our Mission
To inspire, empower and support the Uniting Church in all its varied expressions to live out our Christian faith. We affirm that this means supporting the goals of:

  •  Bringing people to Gods Love
  •  Responding to human need and strengthening community
  •  Transforming unjust social structures
  •  Continuing to learn and grow
  •  Protecting and renewing creation.

Our Values
The Uniting Church is:

  •  inclusive and generous
  •  honest and accountable
  •  just and compassionate
  •  hopeful and courageous.

            NSW & ACT Synod