Weddings are special and my daughter’s wedding last Saturday was no exception. Preparations seemed to go on forever while the actual day was just perfect despite some of the imperfections that occurred.

Clouds moved in to threaten a light shower. The bride was late for the ceremony. My one year grandson, who was to be the ring bearer, got stage fright. Then word came through that the person delivering the wedding cake was involved in a car accident. While no one was injured, the wedding cake was destroyed!

But my daughter and son-in-law took it all in their stride. Determined to make this the best day of their lives, they delighted in this special day and simply enjoyed it. Meanwhile, for the rest of the family, it was a lovely time of catching up, sharing stories and relishing in the good things of life.

Life is like that. There are always imperfections. They pop up to surprise us, to way-lay us and to simply make life difficult for us. But such things should not prevent us from living every day to the fullest.

It really depends on how you approach life. Is the glass half empty or half full? Do we focus on those matters that are working against us, the things that are making life difficult or are constantly tripping us up? Or do we concentrate on those matters that are good, those things that enrich life and make it all worthwhile?

Imperfections haunt us. But they shouldn’t stop us from living life and making the most of each day.

I am constantly inspired and encouraged by a number of people in this congregation who face enormous imperfections in their lives. But, despite these set-backs, you simply get on with the business of living life and celebrating all that you have. Such an approach is a powerful witness to us all that life is precious, life is to be valued, life is to be celebrated.

And most importantly life is to be received and appreciated as a wonderful gift from God.

Imperfections haunt us. But don’t let such things prevent you from living life – and, most importantly, don’t let them stop you from constantly giving thanks to God for this most precious gift.

My eldest daughter was married amidst a number of imperfections. But this was still, and will always be, the best day of her life!

Rev John Barr