The things that you will need for Sunday 5th April service. With the exception of the first three items everything in this list can be found in the “Bag” that was distributed. A full list of the bag’s contents can be fund here.

  • coloured pencils or textas ect
  • A permanent marker such as a sharpie or paint
  • Some grape juice or port/wine or some other drink that is reminiscent of Communion for you.
  • candle – we gave LED ones for safety but you can use a normal candle (you will need something to light it with too)
  • 2 wooden clothes pegs like the picture but you could use plastic ones or whatever you have at home. 
  • A dolly peg like this and some clay/Plasticine to use as a base so it can stand. You can use anything that could represent a person – be creative 
  • The donkey picture from this website You will then need to click on download the PDF or your own donkey picture (minus the legs)
  • An image of a palm branch
  • Some rice crackers (we gave Peckish brand but you can use any)