How would you describe God – loving, holy, righteous or powerful? These are just a few attributes that we assign to God. But have you ever thought of God as being fair?

I ask this because so often, in ministry, I encounter situations and scenarios that just seem so unfair.

While living in the remote islands of Indonesia, I remember a young neighbour who died a horrifying death from appendicitis because there was no medical care available. Then a student of mine died from tuberculosis. Both deaths were horribly premature. It all seemed so unfair!

Then closer to home, I have witnessed cases where good people, lovely people, seem to get such an unfair deal. Whether it’s through terminal illness, unfaithful or hurtful relationships or a tragic accident, life seems so unfair!

Have you ever thought God has been unfair to you? We try to live lives with faith and integrity but so often things go wrong. We are taught to expect big things from God but the reality is that we often feel let down.

One of the lessons I have learnt during thirty years of ministry is that we do not have all the answers. Indeed, when it comes to God appearing to be unfair, it just can’t be explained.

And here I am learning that, amidst the uncertainty and the angst, it’s best to simply trust God.

When we face a family tragedy, experience the death of a loved one or encounter a hurtful, soul-destroying relationship, the unfairness of it all just can’t be explained. It can’t be rationalised or ever be justified.

Rather, what’s important is that we simply hold on to God and trust in God’s infinite mercy. The critical thing is that we cling onto Christ and allow ourselves to be embraced by his unconditional, unfathomable love.

So, when life seems to be unfair, don’t give up on God. Never right-off the one who gives you life. On no account should you dismiss the one who is there for you when life runs its course no matter how premature or abrupt it may be.

For God is merciful, God is love. Learn to trust. Embrace the one who suffered, who died and who conquered death to live and reign forever.

For, here God CAN be trusted – and that’s what really matters!