Faith development and being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a crucial priority for us: 

Small Groups

These are groups where members develop strong relationships with each other and with God by caring, learning and praying together. There are over 15 small groups that meet in various locations and at various times. Every member of this community is encouraged to be part of such a group.

KYB (Know Your Bible)

An interdenominational Bible study group for women. Meets on Mondays, fortnightly during school terms, 10am -11.30am.


A Prayer Chain operates for emergency situations as well as for ongoing support. Individual prayer is also offered at the close of each of our Sunday worship services to those who would like prayer support.

Specialised Courses

From time to time courses for different purposes are organised by our Action Teams or the Ministry Team.

Past courses include:

  •  Pastoral Care training courses
  •  Proclaiming Jesus Christ
  •  Parenting Course
  •  Marriage Course
  •  Parents & Children exploring faith together.
  •  How to Share your Faith

 Baptism and Confirmation

Baptism (infant or adult) together with Confirmation is available.