Today has been one more day in our everyday lives. We have worked, we have played, we have cleaned, we have cooked, we have eaten, we have talked, we have slept, we have laughed , we have cried, we have succeeded, we have failed, we have been happy, we have been sad, we have been frustrated and we have been content. And for every moment, whatever ordinary everyday thing we were doing, you were there with us. Thank you God.

Yesterday, is now a memory. Much of what we did was everyday, and we have forgotten it already. Some of the more out-of-the-ordinary moments of that day linger in our minds, but they too will probably fade. But your love never forgets, it never fades. And although we may not be able to recall to mind all the ways that you have loved us, and spoken to us and guided us and touched our hearts in our yesterdays, each encounter we’ve had with you imprints your love deeply into our hearts and souls. Thank you God.

Tomorrow is ahead of us. For some of us it beckons brightly, full of hope and things to look forward to. For some, it is just another day to work, or clean, or talk, or eat, or rest or do the chores. For some, it is a day we would rather not face. A day that demands more than we feel we have to give, a day that holds something that we fear or a day that is missing someone that we love. Whatever we face tomorrow, God we face it with you. You will be beside us at each point of joy, hope, struggle, weariness, loneliness or grief. Thank you God.

God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Help us to remember that you are with us every day, in the everyday moments of our lives. Help us to praise your greatness and thank you for all your gifts, help us to seek your truth and trust your Word and guidance and help us to fall on your strength and rest in your love – every day.