Last Monday the Maurice Davies Hall literally hummed with activity. English conversation classes were bringing people together as friendships grew and people from many parts of the world gained a stronger sense of belonging in their adopted country.

On Monday evening, Men’s Fellowship hosted a marvellous meal. This was followed by a time of superb entertainment. On the following day Men’s Shed celebrated Christmas and the end of a successful year while on Wednesday Missionary Fellowship gathered for a delicious morning tea and a wonderful performance by the Northside Singers. This took place as an excited buzz filtered in from the neighbouring church where mums and their pre-school toddlers were singing and dancing to the terrific Mainly Music program.

A lot goes on in this congregation throughout the week. OurSpace midweek met in the cottage on Wednesday afternoon while we gathered in the church that evening as part of our Advent preparation to “Wait upon God” in prayer and reflection. On Thursday the new playgroup gathered while the pastoral carers met. Thursday Craft also gathered while on Friday a working bee took place to prepare for the Children’s Activity Day on 18th December. Then today there are our 8.00am, 9.45am and 5.00pm worship services.

West Epping is a hive of activity. Our Action Teams are working hard to offer leadership and implement programs while a passion for intergenerational worship and a commitment to reaching out to others, both in the local community and beyond, make this an exciting place to be. The Ministry Team, Council Executive and Church Council members are inspiring, dedicated people.

Do give thanks for this remarkable community – and the amazing people who make West Epping such an exciting place to be.

We should never rest on our merits or become self-satisfied about who we are and what we are doing. There is, indeed, much to be done.

I pray that we, the people of West Epping, will continue to be passionate, excited and committed to what God calls us to be. And, in doing so, may we always be open to the future that God places before us – no matter how challenging it may be!

John Barr